#4 Podcast – To feel like doing something

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All right, let’s do it!

♪♫Bruno Mars’ song ♪♫

All right, that was Bruno Mars and the song is “THE LAZY SONG”.

What do you feel like doing today? Do you feel like doing nothing? Well, you certainly felt like listening to a podcast today.

There are several days we wake up feeling a little bit lazy, it is pouring rain outside and you just wanna lay on your couch and catch up on that Netflix TV show you love so bad. Well, at least I feel like that sometimes.

Numerous times I have felt so lazy that I only wanted to sleep, I just wanted to sit around whereas some days I felt so energetic that I didn’t even want to sleep. I guess everybody is a little bit like that, right!?

So what does “I FEEL LIKE DOING SOMETHING” really mean?

As you probably know, FEEL is a verb we use to describe some of our senses. If you eat too much, for example, you feel very uncomfortable, if is -5º degrees Celsius outside you feel cold, if you want do drink water you feel thirsty, and so on.

In this case, the word LIKE is working as a connector to the idea you have. We use the word LIKE many times when we want to show that something is similar or we want to connect ideas. For example ” I look like my father”, which means you and your father have similar appearance.

“I feel like” is used when you want to do something. For example, if you say “I feel like watching some movies today”, it means you want to watch some movies, you are in the mood to do it, this means, that’s what you think it’s going to be nice for you to do today.

“I feel like” always comes with the next verb in the gerund form, the next verb with ING in the end. Let’s see some examples:

I feel like sleeping today;

I feel like going out with them.

Or the negative form if you prefer:

I don’t feel like eating pizza tonight;

I don’t feel like drinking beer.

So, if you are in the mood to do something, if you want to do something, you think this is a good activity for you, you could say I FEEL LIKE DOING THIS…

This podcast was very short but I hope you have enjoyed although this one wasn’t an idiom. It is a very useful and nice expression though.

Don’t forget to check the vocabulary because there are some nice expressions and words in this audio.

See you in the next podcast.



  • Bold: negrito.


  • Pouring rain: raining a lot, heavily.


  • wanna: want to.


  • Catch up: recuperar, ver as series que estão atrasadas, se atualizar.


  • So bad: you like VERY MUCH. | “I miss it so bad” = Eu sinto falta DEMAIS disso/Eu sinto MUITA falta disso.


  • Sit around: to relax sitting, to waste time sitting/doing nothing.


  • Whereas: in contrast, opposite to.


  • To be in the mood: to feel like doing something = tá afim de fazer algo.









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