#3 Podcast – Baseball Metaphors


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Hi there! We are kicking off another Be Bilingual episode.

Be Bilingual wants to help you learn English. You can also find the transcript of this audio for download.

 How is your love life? Have you been hanging out with someone? So how is it going? Did you get to the second base already? You’re probably wondering what baseball has to do with all this. The answer is EVERYTHING!  And you know why? Because we use a lot of baseball  metaphors when we are talking about this subject.

Sex is something that people feel very embarrassed to talk about. People don’t want to call a spade a spade when it comes to sex, that is to say, people don’t want to say things exactly as they are when they are talking about sexual relationship. And we usually try to be more careful when we are talking about it. So what do we do? WE USE BASEBALL METAPHORS J

 I don’t really follow baseball and I know many people around the world don’t follow it either. In my opinion baseball is little bit complicated to understand, but these expressions are definitely not.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in North America, especially in the United States. In America, the most important league is called MLB, which stands for Major League Baseball.

BaseballI is a game played with a small ball, a tennis like ball, a bat (which is a wooden stick) and gloves in order to protect players’ hands. These gloves are called mitt. This game consists on throwing, hitting and catching a ball. I don’t wanna get down to the details here because that is not really the purpose of this podcast, but also because I don’t know much about it (hahahaha)

As its name suggests, this game is a lot related to bases. They are 3 in total. Players need to move from one base to another in order to score. Home run is when the player is able to run all the way down to the home plate. Once again, skipping the details and how the game actually works, let us see what baseball has to do with sex.

As mentioned before we usually try to be a little more subtle when we are talking about sex or things related to it. When we are hanging out with someone, mainly when we are teenagers, every little part counts and it usually moves slowly from one level to the other. We meet the person, invite to go out, go for a dinner, to the movies and then after we feel a little more comfortable we try to get to first base.

But what is first base?

Well, the first base is when you kiss the person. Usually meaning you French kissed the person, which is… you kissed the person using your tongue. So you had your first move. YOU GOT TO FIRST BASE or YOU MADE IT TO FIRST BASE.


– Hey Ashley, how you doing?

– Hey Chris, I’m doing very well today. What about you?

– I’m doing great. You have no idea what happened yesterday.

– Don’t tell me you guys did it!

– Nah, you idiot! We didn’t do it. You know, we got to first base.


As the time goes on and you get more comfortable with this person, you may try to move to the second base, which means touching parts above the waist, either underneath or through the clothes. So, if you went out with someone last night and you had some touching above the waist: YOU GOT TO SECOND BASE.

Just like the game, we are evolving from one level to the other. So, as things go you are getting more acquainted with this person you will train again another move. Instead of the second base, you are going to the third base. The third base is when there is touching below the waist. So, if you were making out with someone yesterday and you got to what was mentioned above, YOU GOT TO THIRD BASE.

All the 3 parts that I explained above are part of what we call FOREPLAY. Foreplay means all the moments and things done before sex. All the kissing, making out, touching part is called foreplay and is considered to be important. So, if the three bases are only the foreplay – the part before the sex – how do we call when we have intercourse, when we finally do it, when we finally have sex. Well, that very part is called the HOME RUN! If you did IT, you HIT A HOME RUN.

I hope you have enjoyed this podcast. A little bit different from the last one, I know. Baseball metaphors are also idioms. Many idioms in the North-American English derive from baseball and they do not only talk about relationship. They can also be about businesses, for instance.

Bye!!! See you in the next podcast.


  • To kick off: to begin; start.
  • To hang out: to go out; to spend some time having fun = Dar uma volta (com amigos); sair com alguém (para conhecer e tal 😘 )
  • To have to do: ter a ver com algo. g: “It has to do with sex” = “Tem a ver com sex”.
  • To call a spade a spade: dar nome aos bois.
  • To follow a sport: to watch, support a team, understand a sport, etc.
  • To stand for: to be an abbreviation = corresponder/significar.
  • Bat: bastão.
  • Mitt: luva de beisebol.
  • Let us = let’s.
  • Subtle (subtler / more subtler) = sútil.
  • To French kiss = beijar de língua.
  • Waist =
  • To get acquainted with someone = conhecer alguém.
  • To make out with someone = se pegando com alguém, aos amassos com alguém, de pegação.
  • Foreplay= pras preliminares,
  • To do it = to have intercourse = to have sex.

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