#1 Podcast – Hello World

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This is the very first podcast of a series of recordings created to help you learn English.


One of the best ways to learn English is through podcasts. English podcasts are usually monologues in which the idea is to discuss about a subject in order to help people learn English.

The BE BILINGUAL PODCASTS will be mainly focused on IDIOMS. Idioms are similar to expressions.

The idea is very simple. We will record podcasts so you can download the audio and transcript. And how can you learn using this tool?

Well, it is pretty simple! First of all, you will learn because the purpose of these recordings is to explain an idiom, an expression. At the end of the podcast you will be able to understand the expression and you will be able to use it.

Also, the transcript will be available online. Using the transcripts you will be able to understand every single word said in the recording, being able to look up the word online or checking our glossary at the end of the transcription.

You can first listen over and over, and later on check the transcript. You can do both at the same time. You can first listen the podcast, and then listen to it again while reading and at last read out loud so you can practice pronunciation, for example. You can do it in many different ways. Most of people only listen to it and check one or two words on the transcript.

All podcasts are planned to help you learn, so they are designed to teach you a few specific words.

Good moments to use these recordings are when you are driving, you’re on the bus, you’re walking, eating breakfast or lunch, getting ready for work or simply relaxing.


Hope you have enjoyed the idea and please like our page on facebook and keep checking our website for more podcasts.

THANK YOU and see you soon!



  • Idiom: an expression which meaning is not possible to be understood by reading it literally. 
  • Pretty: in this case, “pretty” means “very”. Example: “this place is pretty hot” = “this place is very hot”. 
  • Purpose: your objective; goal.
  • You will be able to: You cannot say: “I will can”. The correct sentence is “I will be able to”. 
  • Look up: to look for a word in the dictionary or other reference book. 
  • Read out loud: the same as read aloud; to read so you can be listened.


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